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Freestyle Man

Freestyle Man

Freestyle Man is the first alter ego by the well-known and respected producer Klas-Henrik Lindblad a.k.a Sasse.

His first releases came out in the late 90s on PUU/Sähkö to critical acclaim.
The 1997 release ‘Que Domingo Inquieto’ considered by many as a classic, graced dance floors across the globe and especially in NYC during its last hedonistic days.

In 2000 his first album ‘Going South’ on Keys Of Life was released.
Freestyle Man’s remixes included artist such as Blaze, Slam, Antonelli Electric feat Miss Kittin, Phonique and he released productions on labels such as Playhouse, Studio Barnhus, Keys Of Life, Freunde Am Tanzen, Crack & Speed and Moodmusic to name but a few.

His latest Sleepover EP in collaboration with Jimi Tenor was released on Studio Barnhus in 2017.

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