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Originally hailing from New York City, ​Vibe Me To The Moon’s label-boss ​Nightsteppaz has been producing electronic music for many years. He first ​made waves in the dance music world with the release of his debut single in 2017, titled ​The Energy of The Room.  This collaboration with House legend Roland Clark also marked the launch of his Vibe Me To The Moon label, with Joeski’s remix soaring up the charts instantly and landing in the crates of the world’s top DJs.

Since then, Nightsteppaz has been hard at work in the studio, collaborating on a number of new singles with esteemed vocalists such as Mr. V, and the aforementioned Roland Clark. While donning his A&R cap, he’s signed music and remixes for his label from industry icons such as Joeski, Robert Babicz, Franck Roger, Fred Everything, Mihai Popoviciu, Huxley, and many more.

With experience playing drums and electric guitar long before he ever entered the studio to produce club tracks, Nightsteppaz has developed a sharp sense of rhythm and pitch, leaning on a wide range of musical influences, which derive from his early years in NYC listening to 90s hip hop, to the big room club music he discovered while clubbing during his Europe residency. He’s also hugely inspired by the soulful side of deep house music  from artists such as Fred Everything and Miguel Migs.

Suffice to say, Nightsteppaz’ vast musical palette can be heard in his productions, and in the diverse catalog of Vibe Me To The Moon Recordsl, with output ranging from club bangers, to hip-hop influenced house, on down to deep, soulful house music (and everything in between).

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