1. Joeski - Rude Boy_master16-clip 3:00
  2. Joeski - Stick Up!_master16-clip 3:00

We’re very excited to finally release these dancefloor weapons from Joeski. This previously unreleased EP has been locked in our label’s vault for a few years, but Joeski’s signature sound is timeless and ever-effective at getting the crowd moving.

On this two-track EP, ‘Rude Boy’ sets the tone, leading the way with vintage instrumentals and a punchy bassline underneath. Featuring salsa-like elements mixed with familiar dub samples throughout, we’re transported to far-flung realms with this hard-hitting house cut.

‘Stick Up!’ brings the EP to a close. It’s a smashing house cut, driven by thick kick-hat combos and the occasional pulse of whirring synth tones, coupled with classic old-school samples to form a no-nonsense piece of contemporary dance music.


Joeski – Rude Boy-Stick Up! EP

Release Date : June 10, 2022
Artist : Joeski
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : VIBE005
Format : Digital Download