1. 1. Sasch - Losing You (Original Instrumental Mix)-clip 3:00
  2. 2. Sasch - Losing You (Montel Remix)-clip 3:00
  3. 3. Sasch - Losing You (Jeremy Juno Remix)-clip 3:00

Sasch delivers his first release on U.S. based label Vibe Me To The Moon, headed up by house legend Nightsteppaz. Losing You includes an instrumental mix by Sasch, a remix by MNTL aka Montel and a remix from Dutch DJ and producer Jeremy Juno. Each artist leaves their own unparalleled twist on Sasch’s production.

Sasch describes the mood of the EP and how a specific point in dance music history helped to shape his creative process today. “In writing this single, I wanted to go back to the vibe of 2012, when the deep house genre totally changed my approach to producing music. ‘Losing You’ is a small homage to the sound that peaked in that era. If you like loads of personality in your house music, look no further!” The release opens with Sasch’s instrumental title track, rolled out with ascending keys and an acid-tinged melody. It’s a throwback to that addictive deep house sound that dominated 2012. MNTL’s remix amps up the squelchy synthline, weaving minimal percussion between a robust bassline. On Losing You (Jeremy Juno Remix), the Dutch artist offers an upbeat edition of Sasch’s original, bursting with euphoria and soulful vocals. The perfect end to a vibrant, deep house-driven cut.

Having invested in turntables at the age of 16, Sasch is a highly skilled spinner and producer with a trademark aesthetic of compelling melodies and warm beats. Since breaking through on Berlin-based label Steyoyoke with his EP Back and Forth in 2012, his sound continues to evolve from club-focused creations to more stripped-back but sleek textures. Belfast-born MNTL aka Montel blurs the lines between all the houses — deep, tech, minimal and beyond. A vinyl head at heart with a DIY spirit, he runs the label Montel Records. Based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, Jeremy Juno channels soulful sounds that transcend tribal and funky house, as released on labels Onako Records, Soulful Legends and Liquid Deep to name a few.


Sasch – Losing You

Release Date : November 4, 2022
Artists : Jeremy Juno, MNTL, Montel, Sasch
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : VIBE007
Format : Digital Download